Introduction to Computer Security

Before diving into the techniques used by hackers, let us develop a brief understanding of what security is and how it affects us?
So what exactly is computer security?

Computer Security is the protection of computing systems and the data that they store or access. Thus, we can categorize them as:

  • To prevent theft of or damage to the hardware
  • To prevent theft of or damage to the information
  • To prevent disruption of service.

Computer Security
Computer Security is concerned with four main areas:

Confidentiality – Only authorized users can access the data resources and information.
Integrity – Only authorized users should be able to modify the data when needed.
Availability – Data should be available to users when needed.

But why is computer security so important to us?

It’s a huge misconception that only computer engineers or people working in the IT industry should worry about securing their accounts, mobiles and computers. In this digital age, when we are perpetually connected to the internet all of us need to understand certain do’s and don’ts to safely surf the net.
> Prevention of data theft such as bank account numbers, credit card information, passwords, work related documents, etc. is essential in today’s communications. Many of our day to day actions depend on the security of the data paths.
> Malicious intents can also be a factor in computer security. Data present in a computer can also be misused by unauthorized intrusions. An intruder can modify and change the program source codes and can also use your pictures or email accounts to create derogatory content such as pornographic images, fake misleading and offensive social accounts.
Above factors imply that your data should remain safe and confidential. Therefore, it is necessary to protect your computer and hence the need for Computer Security arises.

What is Network Security?

Network security and computer security both go hand in hand. Network security deals with protecting your network infrastructure whereas Computer security is protecting your systems infrastructure.

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